Teton Raptors

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A DELUXE BOX includes:

  • 4 designs, 12 notecards & envelopes included
  •  $24.00/Box + Shipping

Signature Notecard Pricing:  Individual Cards

SHEATHED OR NAKED INDIVIDUAL NOTECARDS: Individual notecards arrive in clear sheaths to keep them pristine. Naked notecards come without the sheaths, but are boxed for protection.

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  • Minimum order for any one design is 8 Notecards
  • Minimum total order is 8 Notecards.
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    • Naked Individual Notecards (boxed) at $16.00/8 Notecards + shipping


There are 4 components to pricing your custom project:

  • Custom Design Creation. Factors affecting this include the number of desired designs, the design complexity, and needed preview sheets.
  • Logo Placement if desired.
  • Quantity of Notecards Ordered. There is no minimum order size and you can re-order additional quantity of your design at any time.
  • Cost of Cards.

Costs, deposits, and deadlines are agreed upon before work begins.

To discuss your project, contact info@starkeycards.com.

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In creating Starkey Cards, I learned about business plans, business models, and mission statements. But the truth is that I focused on the paper. I knew I could never do this without paper I loved.

I wanted my paper to be American made, heavy, renewable, unique in shape, and acid free. I found it. 

  • The card stock, envelopes, and business cards are all American made and hail from California, the Carolinas, and Rhode Island.
  • The card stock is heavy.  It weighs 220 grams per square meter. That’s a lot.
  • All the paper is 100% renewable cotton. The business cards are made from old t-Shirts and that tickles me.
  • The notecards are square and not the usual rectangles. Each card is a 5.25 inch square.
  • The card stock is archival and acid free.  The notecards are done on museum quality paper that will last.  The images will endure.

Our best ever bald eagle spotting was a morning we were kayaking on Leigh Lake. We were pretty much alone. We started following two very romantic eagles who were looping and swooping in the sky above the trees near the northwest edge of the lake. We followed them a good half an hour.

Then they dove upward as they flew straight up with increasing speed. They suddenly stopped and dove straight down. They clasped their claws together in what we knew was eagle sex. They parted just before hitting the ground and their dance was done.

I could never draw that moment, but we felt something new and wonderful about bald eagles.


The notecards are 5.25 inch squares. The envelopes are 5.5 inch squares.  Both are made of 100% renewable cotton. The paper is heavy and wonderful.

I design and print the cards in Colorado with all American products.

A STANDARD BOX includes:

  • 4 designs.
  • 8 notecards and envelopes.
  • Pricing
    • Up to 5 Boxes $16.00/Box + Shipping
    • 6 or more  Boxes $14.00/Box + Shipping

A DELUXE BOX includes:

  • 4 designs.
  • 12 notecards and envelopes.
  • Pricing:
    • Up to 5 Boxes $24.00/Box + Shipping
    • 6 or more Boxes $21.00/Box + Shipping

To place an order, contact info@starkeycards.com. PayPal is available.