Designed as a Gift for Birmingham, Alabama Resident

Project Description

The Client: This collection was designed for a businessman in Birmingham, Alabama as a Christmas gift.

The Project: The client wanted a Boxed Collection featuring his friend’s favorite spots in Birmingham including a back preview sheet.  We decided one of the cards would make a nifty Christmas card as well and that was added to the gift.

The Process: I began with the Birmingham Art Museum because I had spent a day there and had a feel for the building. The other subjects were trickier and the client contributed to the gift by going out and taking videos for me.  I sent him card drafts and he let me know if I had captured the essence of the places.

The Highlights: The Highlands Grill card gained meaning for me when it’s chef won the James Beard Best Restaurant Award just months after I designed the card. That was cool.

The gift recipient was thrilled and even made the effort to call and thank me.

Boxed Collections

A STANDARD BOX includes:

Signature Notecard Pricing:  Boxed Collections


  • 4 designs, 8 notecards & envelopes included
  • Up to 5  Boxes $16.00/Box + Shipping
  • 6 or more Boxes $14.00/Box + Shipping

A DELUXE BOX includes:

  • 4 designs, 12 notecards & envelopes included
  • Up to  5 Boxes $24.00/Box + Shipping
  • 6 or more Boxes $21.00/Box + Shipping

Signature Notecard Pricing:  Individual Cards

SHEATHED OR NAKED INDIVIDUAL NOTECARDS: Individual notecards arrive in clear sheaths to keep them pristine. Naked notecards come without the sheath.

Minimum order

  • Minimum order for any one design is 8 Notecards
  • Minimum total order is 8 Notecards.
  • Pricing:
    • Sheathed Individual Notecards at $16.00/8 Notecards + shipping
    • Naked Individual Notecards at $14.00/8 Notecards + shipping


There are 4 components to pricing your custom project:

  • Custom Design Creation. Factors affecting this include the number of desired designs, the design complexity, and needed preview sheets.
  • Logo Placement if desired.
  • Quantity of Notecards Ordered. There is no minimum order size and you can re-order additional quantity of your design at any time.
  • Cost of Cards.

Costs, deposits, and deadlines are agreed upon before work begins.

To discuss your project, contact

Ordering  Signature Starkey Cards:

  • Scroll through the available Signature  Designs.
  • Make a note of which individual cards or which boxed collections you would like.
  • Email me at Ask questions if you have any.  If you'd prefer a phone call, let me know. If you know what you want, list individual card titles or collections.  I will send a confirmation before I print your order.
  • Pay the PayPal invoice you receive and your cards will be shipped.

Ordering Custom Design Cards:

  • Scroll through the available Custom  Design samples.
  • Email me at  Ask questions. If you'd prefer a phone call, let me know. Let me know what you have in mind.
  • We'll discuss costs and timing.
  • You'll get a chance to review all cards before printing.
  • A deposit will be required.
  • Pay the PayPal invoice and your cards will be shipped.


In creating Starkey Cards, I learned about business plans, business models, and mission statements. But the truth is that I focused on the paper. I knew I could never do this without paper I loved.

I wanted my paper to be American made, heavy, renewable, unique in shape, and acid free. I found it. 

  • The card stock, envelopes, and business cards are all American made and hail from California, the Carolinas, and Rhode Island.
  • The card stock is heavy.  It weighs 220 grams per square meter. That’s a lot.
  • All the paper is 100% renewable cotton. The business cards are made from old t-Shirts and that tickles me.
  • The notecards are square and not the usual rectangles. Each card is a 5.25 inch square.
  • The card stock is archival and acid free.  The notecards are done on museum quality paper that will last.  The images will endure.