Custom Designs

Custom Design Your Own Luxury Cards

Custom Designs

Custom Designs are the notecards we create together based on your needs. You decide the subject matter and I create images for your approval before the cards are printed. It’s a collaborative process.

I’d love to work with you when you want to give a completely unique gift.

Individual Notecards & Boxed Collections work wonderfully for the following:

  • Hotel Gifts for VIP guests. Create a design of a hotel  itself or of the hotel location for guests who return over and over again.
  • Corporate Gifts. Create Individual Notecards representing your business to send during the winter holidays or create a Boxed Collection for bigger gifts.
  • Birthday or Holiday Gifts. Create personal notecards for people you love based on their passions.
  • Welcome Bag Gifts.  Create designs that match the places where important events take place (DMC events, conventions, trade fairs, weddings, anniversaries, reunions)
  • Client Appreciation. Create designs representing your company for thanking important business partners.

Scroll through the Custom Designs to see samples. Check the tabs to see about pricing & ordering.