Colorado: Home Base

Colorado is home base for Starkey Cards. Colorado has everything. There are desserts, sand dunes, farmland, ranch land, forests, rivers, lakes, and the mountains. Mostly, it’s about the mountains.

Denver is the heart of Colorado. It’s a beautiful, cosmopolitan city.

The roads east take you to The Great Plains and The Midwest (Coming Soon!). The roads south take you to The Desert Southwest. Head north to Wyoming, and Montana. West will take you straight into the Rocky Mountains.

Some Colorado cards focus on two mountain towns.  Vail and Estes Park are ready to go.  There’s a nod to The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs as well. There are so many more wonderful places to visit and draw here. Grand Junction is up next though.

Rocky Mountain National Park and Mesa Verde National Park have notecards. Mesa Verde inspired a collection focusing on Anasazi Pottery (Ancient Pueblo People) that’s very close to being done.

The Colorado Collection is the start of something new. All the cards are in color. All have descriptions of the subject on the back of the card. Some simply present accurate historical data on the backside. Some have data with a bit of tongue in cheek comments on the backside. The collection has 12 different designs and cover a range of iconic Colorado places and things.

We’re working on The Wyoming Collection and The Arizona Collection right now. Remember our motto here at Starkey Cards: Eat this elephant one bite at a time!