Zen and the Art of Notecards

Zen and the Art of Notecards


Welcome to Starkey Cards.

I love writing my own messages.

I love the limited space of notecards.

I love the art on the front of notecards.

I love the floating memories the images trigger inside me.

I love the feel of quality paper under my favorite ballpoint pen.

Notecards are the totems of my life.

Katherine Starkey


Signature Collections

I draw the places I love.

I work with the lines and the angles I see.

I make the drawings look like woodcut prints.

I limit the colors I use.

I use uniquely shaped card stock.

The card stock feels heavy and rich.

These qualities are the signature of Starkey Cards.

I hope these signature notecards find folks who love art and love to write.


Custom Collections

Let us custom design cards for your business or location.

I custom design cards for your corporate or personal needs.

I work with your desires and the images that are important to you.

I add corporate logos when wanted.

I submit my designs to my customers for approval.

My notecards can be the most personal stationary you will ever own.

Notecard DETAILS

The notecards are 5.25 inch squares. The envelopes are 5.5 inch squares.  Both are made of 100% cotton. Each box can contain up to 12 cards and envelopes, smaller quantities are available based on your needs.


There are 2 components to pricing your custom project:

  • Custom Design Creation. Factors affecting this include the number of desired designs, design complexity, and any travel costs.
  • Quantity of cards ordered. There is no minimum order size and you can re-order additional quantity of your design at any time.

I can also add preview sheets for the back of the box, logo for card backs, and other options. Costs, deposits, and deadlines are agreed upon before work begins.

To discuss your project, contact info@starkeycards.com.